Air Creaning Filter Series
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KH Series units feature ultra-low pressure loss as a result of forming the activated carbon sheets into a honeycomb structure. This series offers a high ozone removal efficiency thanks to the use of a unique type of activated carbon. I t is compatible with a wide range of filtering applications, including automotive air cleaning, ozone removal, and room air cleaning.

Ultra-low pressure Drop
Because the filter material is positioned parallel to the direction of air movement, air stream pressure Drop is extremely small, and vibration and noise levels are also low. Its adsorption action is based on a high specific surface area, meaning its deodorizing effect is excellent for a wide range of malodorous gases. In addition, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Honeycomb structure
A unique method of laminating the activated carbon paper to single corrugated fiberboard sheet allows it to be formed in a honeycomb shape (see cross-section diagram). A variety of designs are possible to match user applications , ranging from removing ordinary odors to ozone removal. As a result, higher removal efficiency and performances can be provided according to the usage objective.

Cross-section diagram Ozone removal efficiency over time

Airflow rate and pressure Drop

Airflow rate and ozone removal efficiency

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Filter material information