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Toyobo leads the world in the application of the activated carbon fibers used as the absorbent material in these KS Series units. These revolutionary air cleaning filters remove harmful gases contained in outside air brought into art museums and schools, eliminate toxic gases and offensive odors contained in the air circulated in ordinary buildings and hospitals, and clean toxic gases from air discharged from factories and facilities handling radioactive materials.

High Performance
The use of cellulosic high-performance activated carbon fibers means a larger surface area than conventional activated carbon materials, providing higher absorptivity. In addition, faster adsorption speed and the ability to eliminate particulate chemical contamination in amounts as low as ppm or less offers significant advantages.

Low Pressure Drop
The filter material is formed into a composite in which a fibrous active carbon sheet is sandwiched between two layers of cover material to prevent carbon particles from dispersing. A gusset-like structure in which the folds are separated by spacers stabilizes the filter material and works to reduce to the filter flow-through rate, leading to lower overall pressure drop as a unit.

Cross-section diagram Airflow rate and pressure Drop

Airflow rate and removal efficiency

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Filter material information