An Elastic Monofilament and Fabric
An Elastic Monofilament and Fabric
Features Properties Load andDisplacement Characteristics Durability Application examples
TOYOBO Return ENPLA Top Contact Japanese DIAFLORA(R)
01. Optimum rigidity and superior elongation recovery.
02. Thick glossy finish available in shades ranging from milky white to black.
03. No yielding point with excellent linear elasticity.
04. Does not emit any toxic gases such as hydrogen cyanid when subject to heat. By using it together with the moldable thermoplastic polyester resin "Vylopet", recycling programs can be designed without worrying about separating materials.

01. When "Diaflora" is used together with a different material, the features of both materials are combined. This allows the designing of new fabrics with newfunctionalities.
02. Just one sheet of "Diaflora" provides the characteristics for the three materials used in cushions: the covering material, padding material, and core material. It thereby provides sheets of less weight and excellent ventilation.
03. By combining different threads with different weaving and knitting methods, materials for all types of fashions can be manufactured and new sheet designs can be created.

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